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Our Payment and Insurance Policies Protocol

We do not accept Medicare Patients or Medicare Insurances. We do not accept any Workman’s Compensation Cases. These being the only two caveats.

We are a direct pay office. This means you are responsible for any charges incurred.

We will verify your insurance as it may help you cover for some of the care needed to correct your condition. Rarely do insurances policies pay for all the care since they only pay for medically necessary care.

This means you have pain that causes you to modify your lifestyle and it can get better in two to four weeks.

The other issue is the deductibles and copay amounts have become out of sync with Chiropractic office since a care plan to correct your problem will require more than one visit.

We see co-pays as high as $80.

Seeing how the insurance companies have changed and made care less and less affordable we became a cash based office.

We have affordable cash fees and care plans that make chiropractic affordable for the individual and family.

Speak to our staff if you have any questions.