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In a Chiropractic office, we use MRI’s of the spine differently. The first thing we must decide is there anything in the examination we did not expect based on the patient history that needs more elucidation. You see, advanced imaging serves two functions. The first is like any health care provider. Is there anything we need to know that is safety issue for the patient? Is there anything hiding like arthritis, cancer, blocked arteries anything at all that requires immediate attention? First, we ask is there any pathology?

The second thing we look for with MRI’s is this spine working as nature intended. If not, can this spine be corrected? Weakness in holding elements. Wearing away of cartilage, Accumulation of trauma. If the spine is not normal is it compensating correctly or is it out of balance. MRI’s are used to see the soft tissue elements of the spine or other body areas. We refer for functional or STAND UP MRI studies since we want to see what the spine is doing when gravity is applied. The Erect MRI studies allow us to see issues that are not there when the MRI is taken laying down. The MRI’s tell us do need to change what we are doing. Is there a need for referral? We do not 
automatically refer everyone for advanced imaging but when we do, we do it knowing that it is the best interest of the patient.  We are not reimbursed for the advanced imaging or our reading of the MRI. We do it because we know when we need advanced imaging, we get valuable information. 

Good Chiropractic MRI’s are to the Chiropractor

as the satellite telescope is to astronomer.

We see much more