i have been scanning since 2003. What I have seen over the years is how much impact stress from many areas in life can have on our ability to heal. Everything you experience in life and everything you eat, think or do is filtered through your nerve system!! Depending on the type of stress and how often it is experience you can leave "stains" on your nerve system. Not actual stains but something that cannot be cleared. The substation allows us to see and measure the impact. How hard it hit, how long it has been there and if you are depleted your energy reserves because of the stress. 

You see when you have a stress you cannot handle in the moment it causes a short circuit in the nerve system called a Vertebral Subluxation. This nerve system imbalance causes your brain to activate the hormonal system and immune system and defensive mechanisms designed to protect you against stress are activated. The problem is these defensive mechanisms are made to be short lived as a protection. When the stress is not processed and release these mechanisms stay turned on and this becomes a big problem. The CLA INSiGHT helps us locate and analyse these "stains" so we can more effectively focus our care and help to get you and your health back on the straight and narrow.


SCAN BEFORE CHIROPRACTIC CARE                                                                              SCAN AFTER CHIROPRACTIC CARE