6 Steps to Wellness

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The Six Steps to Wellness also known as the THE BRIMHALL PROTOCOL is based on the premise of DD and BJ Palmer, that vertebral subluxations are the cause of dis-ease.

Their definition of a subluxation is a condition of a vertebra that has lost its proper juxtaposition with the one above or the one below, or both; to an extent less than a luxation; which impinges nerves and interferes with the transmission of mental impulses.

Instrument adjusting, nutrition, laser, McAtamneyIf the cause of the subluxation is not corrected at the same time the subluxation is corrected, it will reoccur. In other words, if the subluxation is the cause of dis-ease, what is the cause of the subluxation?

THE BRIMHALL PROTOCOL recognizes that there are six interferences or six causes of vertebral subluxations:

1) structural trauma;

2) electromagnetic pollution;

3) nutritional inadequacies or deficiencies;

4) allergies or sensitivity triggers;

5) emotional stressors;

6) toxic accumulations or exposures.

The Brimhall Protocol utilizes an instrument adjusting technique developed by Dr. John Brimhall of Mesa, Arizona.

The application of the Variable Adjustor and the Variable Percussor makes the mechanical adjustment of the Subluxation fast, easy and virtually painless.

The patient is then examined using the Primary, Secondary and Endocrine Scans to determine where, the underlying stresses are that will cause the Subluxation pattern to return.

The patient receives treatment through a variety of additional modalities, with the end goal being WELLNESS. The combination of these techniques including nutrition, percussion, instrument adjusting, cold laser therapy, allergy desensitization, heavy metal detox, emotional release, etc. allow the body to purge itself of old patterns of stress compensation, that have caused the body to continue to live in a compensatory survival pattern. This pattern would lead to chronic illness if allowed to continue.

The removal of these patterns and the development of a higher state of Healthy Tone leads to a higher quality of life. This approach is truly the way to the "Wellness Revolution."

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